In the year 2525 by Zager & Evans

This song is nostalgic for me.. When I was like 8 years old, my mom let me play the old 45s one of my older brother’s hadn’t taken when he moved out. (He used to buy them for almost nothing, when the malt shop and drug store downtown took them off the jukebox.) Those records were never put away again, me and my friends listened to some of them over and over. We listened to the Beatles, Big Bopper, Beach Boys, there was a Connie Francis record that had belonged to my sister, etc, but also this rather unique song, which must have been one of the last added to the pile (it’s from 1969). When one of my other brothers was in high school, he took it into school once. The marching band was playing the song, and most of the band had never heard it, so he was helping out the band director who wanted to give the kids a better idea what they were playing. The record never came home again, lol. That was before the days of digital music and all that, I thought I might never hear it again. Of course I didn’t have to worry. It must have made an impression on me, because I remember all that. But I don’t think I like the words. It sounds like technology is the villain. But science and technology are tools, and like most tools, they can be used for good or evil. They might kill us, but they might save us.