You Can’t Fight Terrorism with War

Modern warfare kills young and old, innocent and guilty. Bombing people who are already poor turns difficult lives, into endless nightmares and death. The relatives of those killed are more apt to become terrorists, not less.

The only way we could really fight terrorism, is to make lives better. Make sure everyone, everywhere has food, clothing, shelter, and gainful employment. If we did this overpopulation would not be an issue, because it takes care of itself once people have security in their old age, and access to family planning.

We have the technology to address world poverty now, but it isn’t possible in our greed driven world. We allow those who already have thousands of times their share of the wealth, continue to take advantage of people throughout the world, stealing their labor and their resources.

We need to shift the culture–reward kindness, not ruthlessness. If we cannot do this, there is not much hope for us.