The U.S. media is shit, which is why you have to listen to others like BBC, Al Jazeera, and smaller sources like blogs. The Daily Show is more trusted than our news channels, and it should be because you are more likely to get the truth. The worst crime isn’t even the lack of information to the public, it’s the fact that reporters have the job of holding government accountable–and they’re steered away from that task, by the huge conglomerates that control our news now. This complicity is as much to blame for the rampant corruption in Washington as the corporate money in politics.

You can get news on the internet, but it doesn’t have the clout of the major news outlets that once helped keep our politicians accountable (particularly the old newspapers). Things like online petitions can help–companies and governments recognize the fact now that real people are signing these–and they have to throw the public a bone once and a while. But still it isn’t the same.