Bowling Team Name Suggestions

I googled bowling team name suggestions, and found similar lists all over the interwebs. I decided to make my own list. I’m in a duckpin league, so there are a couple duck references on this list. A lot of these are just generic team name ideas, not necessarily bowling. :0)

Alien Ninja Pirates

Always Cheat

Average Joes


Blind Alley

Boom Goes the Dynamite

Bowling For Quatloos

Bowl You Over

Bumper Bowlers

Chop Chop

Cold Turkey

Couch Potatoes


Ducks in a Row

Evil Penguins

Field Goal

Foul Line Follies

Glory to the Hypnotoad

Good Times Roll


I’ll Roshambo You For It

If the Pins are Rockin

Jerk Store

Missed It by That Much

Moment of Zen

Moon over Parma

Mostly Harmless

My Side Your Side

Never Strikes Twice

Never Tell Me The Odds

No Crying in Duckpin

Old and Bitter

Ooow Shiny!

Operation Fuzzy Dice

Pinned Down


Quacks Like a Duck

Red Shirts



Right Up Your Alley

Running on Fumes

Runs with Scissors

Seven Deadly Dwarves

Sewer Mutants

Small Potatoes

Split Infinitive

Stop, Drop and Bowl

Strike a Pose

Strike Zone

Stuff and Nonsense

Talk Turkey

Team to be Named Later

The 300

The Usual Suspects

Three Strikes

Turkey Shoot

Use the Force

Watch This!

Worst Team Name Ever


Another idea, use a name inspired by your league night, like Friday Night Lights, or A Case of the Mondays. If you bowl on Wednesday and your team is bad, you could call your team Full of Woe. Or you could use your number of players in your team name, like Four Sheets to the Wind. Take inspiration from your personalities, or your favorite movie title. Whatever floats your boat!