E-Cigarettes: An alternative for those who really can’t quit..?

I’ve seen some news stories on the dangers of e-cigarettes. I can’t help but wonder if all the “dangers of ecigs” study funding is from the tobacco companies. Who else would be funding these studies, who else would care?

Sure, if you don’t smoke already, I’m certainly not suggesting you go use ecigs. But for those people who really can’t quit smoking, the ecig alternative seems less dangerous.

My elderly brother had many, many health problems. He started using these, and even though he made this change late in his life, I’m still sure ecigs added months or even a years to his life. His lungs could not take any more damage, he was on oxygen (and before he started using the ecigs, he would still take off his oxygen and smoke on the porch, not often but he did it).

If you smoke, by all means, try every way to stop! But if you still keep going back, and really can’t stop, at least consider using ecigs. I think this alternative could lengthen lives and improve quality of life, and it’s not getting any good press. And I’ve even seen some people post that ecigs helped them quit entirely.