Benzene Poisoning, and Our Soulless World

This is heartbreaking. Apparently no one sells electronics that don’t use benzene in manufacturing, even though it would only cost $1 more for the final product. That is only one of many deadly problems all along the supply chains of products we use all the time. Some say we should have known, but in a way it’s beyond human comprehension–children born into loving homes have no clue our world run by soulless demons. Where did they come from? Why do they look human? Why do they believe money is more important than life? It boggles the mind. How could we have known?

It wouldn’t have to be that way. We have the resources and technology to give every human being food, shelter and relative safety. People should have free time, love and laughter, in their lives. We could make our planet healthy, too. All it would take is good priorities, compassion above all. People working together for the common good. But we just don’t. Every moment we more farther from nirvana, and closer to hell.